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Ram Navami

Ram Navami

  • Pune Camp, India
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  • 00:00:00 - 23:59:59
  • 2022-04-10 - 2022-04-10

Rama Navami – Appearance day of Lord Sri Rama

Lord Rama appeared on this planet millions of years ago in Ayodhya, India, and His appearance is celebrated on this day. Lord Rama’s tragic life – the losing of His kingdom, His wife Sita’s kidnapping, and the inevitable war against Her kidnapper Ravana who was King of Lanka – is depicted in the ancient epic scripture called the “Ramayana” – a famous literature read across all Hindu traditions. Lord Rama is known for His adherence to dharma (religiosity) through all situations He faced and is celebrated as the ideal devotee, king, and husband. Devotees fast until noon on this day, followed by a feast in His honour.